VOL 1, NO 9

Pod Loser. / Love, a mixtape. (I’m gonna make more of these. Here’s the podcast feed.)

The continuing march of something or other. / 📖 The fight over OpenLibrary. ❝This was the dream of the internet I believed in. The internet as a global brain. A universal encyclopedia.❞ / Sorta related: 🎞️ There’s a copy of Swayze’s secret shame, Skatetown, USA, on the Internet Archive. / 🧑‍🎤 Looking back at “We Are the World”—the weirdest night in pop—through the new doc. ❝Listening to its mild wash of melody and sentiment can produce an odd mix of grudging respect and self-flagellation; it feels bad to disdain a charity single.❞ / From the New Yorker archive: Susan Orlean’s 1991 profile of Fab Five Freddy. ❝Summing up what he does for a living, Freddy said recently, ‘I’m the king of synthesis.’ There is no such job listed with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Freddy nonetheless synthesizes full time.❞ / 🤖 The luddites are coming. ❝Eliezer Yudkowsky explains with real patience that every single person we know and love will soon be dead. They will be murdered by rebellious self-aware machines.❞ / 🏖️ The Dune font.

Tyler Hellard @poploser