VOL 1, NO 8

Art fool confidential. / The story of the very real and authenticated Basquiats found in a locker and sold for bundles. ❝The new owners gradually amassed evidence to suggest that the works were authentic: a forensic analysis by a handwriting expert, an in-depth report by a Basquiat scholar, and a statement of authenticity signed by a founding member of a committee that the Basquiat estate had established to vet potential forgeries.❞ Reader, they were not real. / 🎨 Great headline: Monet changes everything. / All the Vermeers. / Canada. (via) / AI-generated pixel art.

Hyperlinkactivity disorder. / 📻 I was looking for something else on the Internet Archive (aka The Best Website), but got sidetracked by old Art Bell episodes. Lost a whole goddamned Saturday. / 🎸 A group of people on the internet who wanted to find a bass guitar stolen from Paul McCartney 50 years ago went and fucking found it. / Band logos. / 🧢 Shitty baseball uniforms is the consensus Best Story In Baseball 2024. / 🌶️ Why is there a shortage of proper, OG Sriracha? Because people. ❝Both businesses lost millions. The two men became bitter enemies—and they offer sharply contrasting accounts of what went wrong.❞ / ☕ Tarantino opened a coffee shop shrine to Pam Grier. / 🖖 Star Trek: Borg Remastered. (Trailer and history.)

Tyler Hellard @poploser