VOL 1, NO 6

Apopalyptic. / 📚 That scathing Elon Musk review everyone is sharing. ❝What is a book, exactly? What are people doing when they read? Might banning a few books actually be a good idea?❞ / But seriously. What even are books for anymore? / 📰 Kara Swisher told you so. And you. And also you. / 🌐 Deep YouTube has become infrastructure. ❝YouTube is now less an opportunity than a requirement—something you have to use, because basic elements of society have organized around it.❞ / The internet used to be fun.

Media diet (Pt. 2). / 🎵 Problem Patterns - Blouse Club. / Chilly Gonzalez - Solo Piano and Z. New to me, Chilly has a pretty interesting Wikipedia. / Jaimie Branch - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) / 📚 Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby (fin). Good book. / Dickens & Prince: A Particular Kind of Genius by Nick Hornby. / The Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem (started). / 🍿 Wonder Boys. / Juliet, Naked. Bad movie. / The Fog. I always want Carpenter movies to be as good as The Thing, but they never are. / The Karate Kid. A first viewing for the 11yo, who recently started taking lessons. He is now very interested in how to pull a no can defense move. / The Karate Kid II. I love this one a lot. / The Karate Kid III. Fantastically stupid movie, but at least the kid is now prepared for Cobra Kai. / 📺 The Wonder Years seasons 4–6. I’m still reeling that they rebooted this show but kept it in the time period instead of pushing back 20 years again… which would be the early 2000s. I’ll shut up. / Scott Pilgrim Takes Off season 1. / Masters Of the Air (started). The airplane shit rules, but wow is the writing and acting rough in this one. / The Artful Dodger season 1 (started). / Cobra Kai season 1 (start). Literally the greatest TV show ever made.

Play things. / ♟️ Guess the Pin. / Infinite Craft. / 👾 Restoring lost F-Zero tracks. / Pong Wars. / 🎵 Instagram: Searching for Gap In-Store Playlists from 1992 to 2006. / A seamless 3-hour DJ set from WKRP’s Dr. Johnny Fever. / Mixtape Garden.

Tyler Hellard @poploser