VOL 1, NO 2

The call came from inside the algorithm. / The tyranny of the algo (or: why does every coffee shop look the same?) ❝They were authentic to the internet, particularly the 2010s internet of algorithmic feeds.❞ / Life in the algo (or: of course every coffee shop looks the same.) ❝That the Myspace model has won this war will come to many as a surprise, since the company lost its own battle against Facebook in the mid-aughts.❞

Scenes from the web. / 👨‍🎤 Pitchfork identifies the age of shitpost modernism. ❝The greatest shitpost modernism seems to halt time.❞ / Platformer identifies Pitchfork’s killers. ‌❝Contemporary music culture is much more invested in fandoms than it is in criticism.❞ Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. / 🎞️ Free documentaries, free film noir and free public domain films. / Norman Jewison died. 📓 You are all singing, all dancing vibrations in the environment generating sensations in the body. ❝The idea struck Coleridge powerfully, prompting him to write a poem called “The Eolian Harp,” which is structured like the galaxy-brain meme, escalating in philosophical profundity with each stanza until it reaches its crescendo.❞ / A different poem I liked. / 👏 Remembering the Clapper and the genius who perfected selling crap on television. ❝The device did not work. Indeed, when people used it to control their TVs, it tended to short-circuit the set.❞ / 🎳 The greatest bowler in the world (possibly ever) throws with two hands, which a lot of people really, really hate and it’s sorta weird I’ve never heard of him before. ❝Kids who want to hook it like Belmo, who want to send the pins into concussion protocol.❞ / 🥘 Everyone is talking about Cooked.wiki. / 🌐 An internet map. / OldaVista, the most powerful guide to the old internet. (Related: Science proves Google kinda sucks now. / 🧑‍🎓 High School High, graphic design from vintage yearbooks.

Tyler Hellard @poploser