🤖 You can now text with dead people. More info here:

If you want to talk to Adolf Hitler, that’ll cost you 500 coins, or $15.99. But on Historical Figures—an app that uses AI technology to allow you to have simulated conversations with prominent people from human history, and which is marketed to both children and adults through Apple’s App Store—Joseph Goebbels is free to talk, appears to have a lot of time on his hands, and claims to feel very bad about the “persecution of the Jews.” Joseph Stalin is reflective, taking credit for having “many great ideas” but regretting not spending enough time making sure Soviet citizens were treated equally. Jeffrey Epstein, meanwhile, can’t say definitively how he died, but assured a Motherboard reporter that he was focused on providing “justice and closure” for the victims of his crimes from the Great Beyond.

Well that all sounds just wonderful, but can Saddam Hussein help us win football bets?

None of this stuff ever goes quite in the direction you think it will, eh?

Tyler Hellard @poploser